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Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment Program 

Student Eligibility Framework

Southeastern Louisiana University, in partnership with local high schools, is pleased to offer qualified students an opportunity to enroll in 

college courses while still attending high school. All courses are taught on the participating high school campus, by high school teachers 

that have partnered with Southeastern Louisiana University faculty. Students earn both high school and college credit for the courses in 

this program with grades appearing on both high school and college permanent transcripts. Dual Enrollment students are admitted to 

Southeastern as visiting students and have access to Moodle, Gmail and the University Library (on-line). In order for students to enroll in 

Dual Enrollment courses, they must meet the eligibility requirements below and complete a Dual Enrollment application. Please note that 

high school students can earn a maximum of 27 credits from Southeastern while participating in the Dual Enrollment Program. 

Criteria to Enroll in Southeastern Dual Enrollment Courses

ACT/PLAN Scores Needed to Enroll in Specific Courses

Composite: 18 
English Score: 18



Composite: 18

English Score: 18

Math Score: 19



Composite: 18

Math Score:19




Math Score: 19 or English Score: 18

Tuition & Additional Costs 

Additional information can be found at

  • Be on track to complete the Louisiana Core 4 curriculum
  • Be in 11th or 12th grade
  • Have an ACT or PLAN composite score of 18 or greater
  • Textbooks are supplied at no cost to the high schools for dual enrollment courses. Damaged or non-returned books will be charged to the school at the full retail price. 
  • Many courses require the use of a 3rd party computer program. Prices vary from $15-$30 with this cost being the responsibility of the student.
  • All courses will be charged tuition at the discounted rate of $150 per 3 credit hours. The discounted tuition is NOT refundable should a student withdraw from a course.